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About Us – SANGS/ Company profile                                              January 2016

The Need For a Local Grading Services.

The concept that was originally developed by companies in the USA has taken the South African numismatic market by storm. Specialising primarily in American coins, these internationally recognised companies have done excellent work in the field of numismatic grading over a long period of time. The experts on South Africa coins, however are in South Africa and that was one of the major factors that motivated the establishment of SANGS. A meeting of a group of enthusiastic numismatists, dealers and interested parties from all over the country in Michael Kaplan’s home in Linksfield, Johannesburg started the “ball rolling”. It was apparent to everyone at the meeting that there was an urgent need to establish a credible, reputable numismatic grading service, to service the South African market. Unbeknown to the people meeting in Johannesburg, there were some guys in Cape Town planning exactly the same thing. Thomas van der Spuy and Nelis Havenga, the two numismatic enthusiasts in Cape Town, were investigating the manufacturing of the capsules and inserts for the encapsulating process while Michael Kaplan and Glenn Schoeman were researching sourcing the products in Europe. These two parties heard about each other, got together over a cup of coffee in Melkbossrtand near Cape Town, exchanged notes and ideas,……….and SANGS was borne. After more than five years of planning, research and development and a lot of sleepless nights, SANGS is now accepting your coins for grading and encapsulating.


The vast majority of buyers that purchase numismatics through mediums like BidorBuy , eBAY and Heritage etc. have expressed the opinion that they feel far more comfortable in purchasing an item that has been graded, certified and encapsulated. They are assured that the offered item is of the stated quality and grade, and the risk of buying a sub-standard item that might have been incorrectly or falsely graded, is greatly reduced when buying an officially graded, encapsulated and sealed coin. Sending precious numismatic items half way around the world is very risky, so being able to grade and encapsulate these items locally without the obvious risk or couriering them to the USA and back, is a big plus. We have received the “thumbs up” from the majority of the industry players, including The National Numismatic Society, The Natal Numismatic Society, The South African Numismatic Society and the South African Association of Numismatic Dealers. We sincerely believe that we can now offer the most reliable and professional grading service south of the equator.

Craig Nicholls, a respected numismatist with more than twenty years’ experience is on board and is a member of the official grading team.

Now in our third year of business we are being accepted as a real threat on the African continent, to the well-established “grading giants” operating in the USA.

We are proud of the progress that we have made and look to the future with eager anticipation.