Frequently Asked Questions

1)    How do I go about having my numismatics graded?




a)       Make up a list of the items that we wish to be graded. Get our coin submission form here!

b)      Either post, courier or deliver the items to the SANGS offices in Johannesburg or Cape Town.


2)    How can I ensure that my valuable numismatics items are going to be safe?




a)       Obviously, delivering them to us personally will give you peace of mind.

b)      If you are not within a practical distance from our Johannesburg or Cape Town offices, we would recommend that Ram Couriers be used for the delivery.

c)      If you don’t have an account with them, the goods can be couriered by using the SANGS account.

d)      Goods can be insured if necessary.

e)      Once received by SANGS, we will accept responsibility for the goods and you will be notified of receipt of the goods.

f)       All goods are store for safe keeping in our secure vault that is housed within our highly secure premises.


3)      How long will this process take?




a)      Depending on how many coins you require graded, the average time is seven to fourteen working days from receipt of the coins by SANGS.


4)      How much will this cost?




a)      Check our “Price List” here.

b)      If a Courier service is used, this is for your account.

c)       A quotation will be requested on your behalf.

d)      We will confirm this courier cost before we collect or send the goods.

e)      As previously mentioned, insurance is optional.

f)       Although you can make use of the SANGS account with Ram Couriers, SANGS is not responsible for any loss or damage.