Grading Facilities

The development of the tooling required for the manufacture of the encapsulating slab and also the various size inserts required to hold the coin securely has proved to be very time consuming, tedious and costly exercise. The high quality precision engineering required to produce the tooling for the injection moulding of the outer encapsulation has been developed and modified over a long period, with no less than twenty nine different prototypes being produced and extensively tested. All this research and development has produced the desired results and although we have now achieved, what we believe to be a fine quality product, we will continue looking to improve the finish of our product and extend our range of possibilities. We had no option but to delay the actual launch of the project. This has allowed us the time to identify as many potential “teething problems” and pitfalls as possible. Although we might possibly encounter a few problems, we have done as much as possible to circumvent any snags. All our “hardware”, like acrylic capsules, inserts and specialised printing are produced locally in Cape Town or Johannesburg.Depending of the specific items to be processed, grading and encapsulating can be done at either office. We propose appointing registered dealers in all the major centres like Durban, Port Elizabeth and East London to accept numismatics for encapsulation. As soon as these Authorised Dealers have been identified and agreements have been reached, the details of these approved receiving depots will be published on our website.

Coin “Graders”
Ø  The experts in the field of coins and tokens of Southern African origin, are resident in South Africa, and they are the obvious choice for the panel of graders required for this operation.

Ø  Our graders have extensive Sheldon Scale experience and have the necessary qualifications.


  • The facilities in which this process takes place are secure and clinical.
  • Electronic weighing, measuring and viewing instruments are used.
  • XRF assaying equipment is used to establish exact gold, silver, platinum and all other metal compositions.