SANGS Discovers a new Veld Pond Forgery

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There have been a few Veld Ponden that were graded by other grading companies in the USA. These were certified as genuine and sold as genuine. It was subsequently found that they were forgeries.

SANGS was recently asked to grade and certify the above coin. Although the mass and even the assay details of the coin were to specification, after extensive scrutiny, we concluded that the coin was actually a forgery.

Note the raised and rounded lettering of the word “POND” on the fake as well as the indentation at 9 o’ clock. The rim also does not conform to the known genuine specimens but this cannot be used as the determining factor of authenticity. To our knowledge this fake is not a known and documented forgery.

We believe that this could possibly be a cast forgery with its origin being China. This therefore means that there could well be more of these similar forgeries in circulation.


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